Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Snow card

I just had to use this card for my Aunt. I have been making her Christmas cards for a few years and I saw this card on Lee Conrey's blog. So cute and simple.

I really do like to mask and this stamp set is the perfect set to use.

Stamps: Serene Shilouettes, Curly Cute
Ink: SU black and Marine Mist
Paper: SU white cs

Crafting Hugs,

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Husband Advant Calender

I found a great idea for my special husband on a blog but cannot find it on my Pinterest. Sorry for that, but if I find the original idea will post.

I made an Advent Calender for my husband. We do not have children so he does get spoiled at times.

I looked in my stash of envelopes and knew I had long red ones and white A2. Great idea since I like to decorate with red for the holidays.

I took some off white paper for the background and then some Stampin Up Christmas DSP from last year. Added some embellishments.

Then I wrote up some ideas I love about him and some things that I would do for him. Here is the first day picture and also where I hung the envelopes.

He likes candy and the first day he received two caramel santas. The saying was "candy for my sweet"  

My other day ideas:
1-Take the dogs out at night (his job)
2-A little nookie
3-He gets to do what he wants tonight. (this could be interesting)
4-Do the dishes. (I cook He does dishes)
5-Did put one in to look at lights in neighborhoods.

So a few ideas. It does take some time to put together. I am going to use the same ones next year but put in different days next time.

Crafting Hugs and Merry Christmas,

Thursday, November 29, 2012

I won a wonderful giveaway....

I was a winner of a bead giveaway over on Inspirational Beading blog. She had a giveaway from MarutiBeads for 60 beads.

This is what I saw when I opened the box. I was like WOW!!!! I must have not looked at the description about the giveaway since it was for 60 beads. Check out the other pictures.

They came in pacs of either 5 or 6 beads which were individually wrapped.

These are a couple of  pictures of the beads I received. Now I have to be real creative and find ways to make some things with them. The beads are handmade. Yes Handmade.

Crafting Hugs and Merry Christmas.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Swap....

How can we not love Splitcoaststampers???  I really love swaps. Who does not love to get something special in the mail. So here was a swap to do 25 Days of Christmas. Can you believe all of the ladies in 3 groups made 25 items for 25 ladies. WOW! and fun.

So I thought and thought what to make. I took a class to make some wonderful Christmas Tags and these are a product of ideas from that class. I.  kind of lost some of the tags so I was not sure what some were. But the poinsetta and tree were the newest ones. My poinsetta is a cut from a Cricut Cartridge. It is so pretty and I thought the best.

My day was the 21st so I made a tag and put the number on it. I then added the tags to a glassine bag. See the bottom picture.

Hope you enjoyed looking.


Crafting Hugs and Merry Christmas,

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Tea Cups

My Best Friend/Adopted Sis is having a Church Tea and needed some tea cups. I made 30 for her daughter in laws bridal shower and she asked me for these for the tea. How could I not say no and since I really needed something new to do.

You always want things to be perfect for that someone special. Right???
Well I found the perfect paper, since the theme was Holly and Poinsetta's, how is this not great? I ran the flower under an embossing folder and then used a brad from Stampin Up.

The tea cup is from My Time Made Easy. She has alot of templates for sale and they are only $5.00. She even has a Tea Pot.

I did add a black scallop botton square. I did sponge the cups and bottom with black ink. This gave it a vintage look.

Paper:Stampin Up Cherry Cobbler and My Mine Eye "Christmas" 6x6 pad
Template: Mt Time Made Easy Tea Cup

Crafty Hugs and Merry Christmas!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Sunrise Bracelet

I so a beautiful tutorial for a seed bead bracelet from eebeads tutorials.

This is eebeads bracelet. Made by Allie in customer service. Nice-right?

I really loved the colors and after looking on Etsy for the seeds beads at a $1.00 a bag. I got to work.

Here are the pretty beads I used.


I used 2 colors of peach and a pink with gold bugals. Very pretty colors.

Here is my bracelet I think I will take it apart and redo it. I needed to add jumprings to the clasp and did not. Also the clasp is a new item I have not used and not sure of using it also.

Thank you for looking.

Crafting Hugs,

Saturday, October 27, 2012

6 Strand Paracord knot bracelet....

Good Morning,

I have my second knot bracelet for today.

Paracord is very soft and feels nice next to the skin. I found this knot site and made the 6 strand but had no idea how to finish it off. Tutorial

I thought about it for a long time and after looking at other tutorials, I came up with tying  3 strands in a knot and then the other 3 into a knot. I then cut 4 strands and melt the ends. Took the other 2 strands and added a button.

Having a button at the end is great. So many fun buttons out in the world now you can have any theme.

I decided I needed to add something else to it and added the chain. It really does finish it off.

It looks a bit big and is but really no problem.
I did buy the above paracord at Michael's but I have bought on Ebay,
At czar_of_russia, great prices and wonderful colors.

Crafting Hugs,

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Trilbite Bar two color paracord bracelet....

Good Afternoon,  It is a bit overcast today and we have some depression down further south. Most likely we will have some rain.

I have my first paracord bracelet. I love this bracelet knot due to it being wide.
I did find this first on "remarkably domestic" blog. She has a great tutorial herself.  I like hers alot.

JD Lenzen has great tutorials on YouTube.
His website is fusionknots.

You tuck the loop in the back and melt the ends.

Adding the button with a shank is great. Just sew it in.

I am showing my work at the start. She works upside down.
I have a tray that is working great for this work.

I bought by paracord from czar of russia on ebay. Great prices.

Remember to check out the above sites for great ideas.

Crafting Hugs,

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Paracord bracelet life....

It seems that all the rage of Paracord is coming back to the 20th century. Now you can find all the cute colors and add chain to a bracelet.

If you have not found Fusion Knots, he has some awesome tutorials and does a great job. His name is JD Lenzen. The tutorials on YouTube are awesome. JD does a slow job and very useful.

I cannot crochet and would love to make some with paracord.

I will be adding pictures and show you what I have made.

Check it out soon.

Crafty Hugs,

Friday, September 28, 2012

Woven bracelet

OMG! I love these bracelets. Ladies have liked them while I have been out and I think WOW I made that.

Guess what??? I even followed the directions over at "D.I.Y. - Honestly WTF".

She has some awesome tutorials. Very talented. Check her out if you have not been over.

Happy Crafty Hugs,

Braided Denim Pearl Bracelet

I have been wanting to post this bracelet for awhile but just never got around to it. I hope you like it.

I took a hold pair of jeans from the Thrift Store and braided pieces.
At the ends fold over the braid and take a piece of the denim to wrap around the end.
Sew it on.  Then add some type of clasp.
Sew pearls or any type of bead on to the braid. I like the pearl look myself.
People love it and it is so fun to wear.

Happy Crafty Hugs,

Total Knee Replacement To DO or NOT? My Story.....

Here I am back after having a Total Knee Replacement. I  should not say I am back but getting better.

You go through so many different feelings during this time and It has been worst then my Open Heart Surgery. Can you believe that????

Ask me in a year if it was worth it? Because right now NO NO NO!!! I am in pain still to this day after 5 weeks, which I know is not much time or is it??? At least I took myself off pain meds, except for therapy. I was forunate to go to a Rehab place which lets call it-Nursing Home. Nice place, clean and staff was great. Youngest person there and had fun talking to people. I even went to Bingo and won 25 cents. I felt bad taking it. The ladies were nice to have me there. I got a manicure which was nice but not what I thought. I paid to have my hair washed-after two weeks what girl can go that long. LOL

My roommate was nice but did not like the TV on-so I was not able to watch much TV. I slept early like 8pm and would wake when the doctor came by at 5am.

I had my blood sugar go up and was tested two times a day and they even had to have insulin. In the hospital they kept asking me if I was a Diabetic and I told them NO. I feel the first day, which got the group on me like a tick on a dog. I told my story 7 times to people. Well if the nurse would have gotten me off the pot, maybe I would not have moved over to the chair. Guess What?? You don't walk so good the first day out. You guessed???? LOL

But what was so upsetting about this whole thing is my Doctor. Did not come by to see me, except on the third day, but tells me he came by and I was asleep each time. Duh!  I was doped up for 3 days and tired. One of my therapy mates said her Doctor came by each day and say her. Did complain to the Office Manager at his office and he called me, but talked the whole time.  Gave me a bunch of bull which I hate. I have worked by whole working life in Doctor's offices and know how they work.

So that is my story and what can I say, but right now I am so depressed and lonely. No one around and no one to talk to. Make sure you have family support or alot of friends to help you when you are home. My husband has been great when home to help but not the same when noone is around. Just my dogs who are my life savers when in the shower. LOL they love me.

Thanks for listening,

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Singing Right or Not on songs??????

I was over at Karen's blog "Sew many ways" today and she had the funnies saying she found. I am still laughing on this one.

It all comes about from how we hear the lyrics of songs. So many we don't hear the right words and have made up some very funny ones.

I love to sing and my husband will always tell me it was wrong. How dare he tell me that I sung it wrong maybe the artist got it wrong??? LOL


So funny.

Craftings Hugs to all singers or closet singers,

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My thrift store finds....

I was able to get out and find some great thrift store finds lately. Just could not find anything for awhile but when I do it can be great.

Here are my fun items:

Crafting Hugs,

Pink purse- YEAH-love it.

Green trash can and 4 sheets of 12x12 cork board.

Mary Englebriet candle holder, bunny, album, cupcake salt.pepper shakers

Pink lamp-nice find and very excited. Sits in my craft room.

  1. Green suede frame and now sitting in my LR.

Awesome frame that has now had the back taken off and will be painted or paper on it.

Blue album in Denim

All great finds and will be used to make some great ideas,