Thursday, August 25, 2011

Shoeless children in Iraq....

Over at Life in motherhood has a friend deployed in Iraq who has started a program for shoeless children in Iraq. Her name is Jeanette. What a awesome project. If the child has no shoes, the ones who do the shoes are falling apart. Here is her address-so pass the word and send those sandals.

 Jeanette DeForest
25th ID HHBN S3
APO AE 09344

Remember Salavation Army has 50% off on wednesday so go and buy. I am tomorrow and sending them out.

Take care ladies.

Crafting Hugs,

Been in unposting world...

Well I started a new job at a old job. They needed some help for a day and a half. So I need money so I thought okay let's do it. But guess what??? Now I have to think. LOL

Have you ever wish you could just work and not think??? They have a new computer system to check patients out and billing-so I am now working it. I hate working but if I want to play the money has to come to mommie.

As you may see from above I work in a doctor's office (Chiropractic) Love the owners/doctor's. Great people!!!!! Great job but wish I did not have to think. My brain went south-oh wait I live in the south so maybe it went overseas!!!!

Well I have money, money. I get to buy things and help again with just little things in the house. My husband is great and he let me stop working so what can I say. But he is the greatest for that, but still a husband. I love you babe!!!!

Now on to I found a giveaway, but I have to say that my blog lookie at is not big. I need to apolize to Life in Motherhood but at least I posted a great giveaway. So head on over TODAY last day.

I need to figure out how you can just put their name and not this long  (what is this above) site address.

So head on over and enjoy.

Crafting hugs,

Friday, August 5, 2011

Beautiful Purse Giveaway.......

Hi beautiful ladies,

Here is another wonderful giveaway I came across going through my blog sites. Head on over to Gypsy Brocanate and check out her pruses. They are so pretty.

Crafting Hugs,


You would not like to have a gift card from Joann's Fabric??? Well I sure would and signed up over at
that The Happy Scrap Great blog site. Enjoy looking.

Crafting Hugs,