Friday, September 28, 2012

Total Knee Replacement To DO or NOT? My Story.....

Here I am back after having a Total Knee Replacement. I  should not say I am back but getting better.

You go through so many different feelings during this time and It has been worst then my Open Heart Surgery. Can you believe that????

Ask me in a year if it was worth it? Because right now NO NO NO!!! I am in pain still to this day after 5 weeks, which I know is not much time or is it??? At least I took myself off pain meds, except for therapy. I was forunate to go to a Rehab place which lets call it-Nursing Home. Nice place, clean and staff was great. Youngest person there and had fun talking to people. I even went to Bingo and won 25 cents. I felt bad taking it. The ladies were nice to have me there. I got a manicure which was nice but not what I thought. I paid to have my hair washed-after two weeks what girl can go that long. LOL

My roommate was nice but did not like the TV on-so I was not able to watch much TV. I slept early like 8pm and would wake when the doctor came by at 5am.

I had my blood sugar go up and was tested two times a day and they even had to have insulin. In the hospital they kept asking me if I was a Diabetic and I told them NO. I feel the first day, which got the group on me like a tick on a dog. I told my story 7 times to people. Well if the nurse would have gotten me off the pot, maybe I would not have moved over to the chair. Guess What?? You don't walk so good the first day out. You guessed???? LOL

But what was so upsetting about this whole thing is my Doctor. Did not come by to see me, except on the third day, but tells me he came by and I was asleep each time. Duh!  I was doped up for 3 days and tired. One of my therapy mates said her Doctor came by each day and say her. Did complain to the Office Manager at his office and he called me, but talked the whole time.  Gave me a bunch of bull which I hate. I have worked by whole working life in Doctor's offices and know how they work.

So that is my story and what can I say, but right now I am so depressed and lonely. No one around and no one to talk to. Make sure you have family support or alot of friends to help you when you are home. My husband has been great when home to help but not the same when noone is around. Just my dogs who are my life savers when in the shower. LOL they love me.

Thanks for listening,


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