Monday, October 29, 2012

Sunrise Bracelet

I so a beautiful tutorial for a seed bead bracelet from eebeads tutorials.

This is eebeads bracelet. Made by Allie in customer service. Nice-right?

I really loved the colors and after looking on Etsy for the seeds beads at a $1.00 a bag. I got to work.

Here are the pretty beads I used.


I used 2 colors of peach and a pink with gold bugals. Very pretty colors.

Here is my bracelet I think I will take it apart and redo it. I needed to add jumprings to the clasp and did not. Also the clasp is a new item I have not used and not sure of using it also.

Thank you for looking.

Crafting Hugs,

Saturday, October 27, 2012

6 Strand Paracord knot bracelet....

Good Morning,

I have my second knot bracelet for today.

Paracord is very soft and feels nice next to the skin. I found this knot site and made the 6 strand but had no idea how to finish it off. Tutorial

I thought about it for a long time and after looking at other tutorials, I came up with tying  3 strands in a knot and then the other 3 into a knot. I then cut 4 strands and melt the ends. Took the other 2 strands and added a button.

Having a button at the end is great. So many fun buttons out in the world now you can have any theme.

I decided I needed to add something else to it and added the chain. It really does finish it off.

It looks a bit big and is but really no problem.
I did buy the above paracord at Michael's but I have bought on Ebay,
At czar_of_russia, great prices and wonderful colors.

Crafting Hugs,

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Trilbite Bar two color paracord bracelet....

Good Afternoon,  It is a bit overcast today and we have some depression down further south. Most likely we will have some rain.

I have my first paracord bracelet. I love this bracelet knot due to it being wide.
I did find this first on "remarkably domestic" blog. She has a great tutorial herself.  I like hers alot.

JD Lenzen has great tutorials on YouTube.
His website is fusionknots.

You tuck the loop in the back and melt the ends.

Adding the button with a shank is great. Just sew it in.

I am showing my work at the start. She works upside down.
I have a tray that is working great for this work.

I bought by paracord from czar of russia on ebay. Great prices.

Remember to check out the above sites for great ideas.

Crafting Hugs,

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Paracord bracelet life....

It seems that all the rage of Paracord is coming back to the 20th century. Now you can find all the cute colors and add chain to a bracelet.

If you have not found Fusion Knots, he has some awesome tutorials and does a great job. His name is JD Lenzen. The tutorials on YouTube are awesome. JD does a slow job and very useful.

I cannot crochet and would love to make some with paracord.

I will be adding pictures and show you what I have made.

Check it out soon.

Crafty Hugs,