Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Trilbite Bar two color paracord bracelet....

Good Afternoon,  It is a bit overcast today and we have some depression down further south. Most likely we will have some rain.

I have my first paracord bracelet. I love this bracelet knot due to it being wide.
I did find this first on "remarkably domestic" blog. She has a great tutorial herself.  I like hers alot.

JD Lenzen has great tutorials on YouTube.
His website is fusionknots.

You tuck the loop in the back and melt the ends.

Adding the button with a shank is great. Just sew it in.

I am showing my work at the start. She works upside down.
I have a tray that is working great for this work.

I bought by paracord from czar of russia on ebay. Great prices.

Remember to check out the above sites for great ideas.

Crafting Hugs,

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