Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Thrift Shop Fun.....

Hubby was watching football. Decided I did not want to sit around. Went to my local Goodwill. First shop had some great items. The next one not too bad, but very lean.

First Goodwill....

 I am going to make a spell book for halloween. What a find.

I am obessed with my inital and have been covering them in

Great book for $1.00

Going on our wall. Has a little monkey on the picture.

Crafting Hugs,

My thrift store finds......

So, I finally got to the local thrift store and get my fix. Now this is the day of 50%, but I have to go now after work. It was of course picked over but I found the best item for only 75 cents.

I have been wanting one and now I have one. I could not believe he was at my local S.A. store. I was excited. I just stood there and then I thought I better grab it before someone wants it. YEAH!!!

So now on to my other finds that same day.

All of this for 2.00

What do you think of the framed mirror?? I really liked the
frame the most. Can you see the little pig? She is going with my
bigger one at home.

All witches have to have a hat!! But she will be used
as a decoration. She was only 25 cents. at Goodwill.

This I found awhile ago at a price of $10.00 WOW
She is a big size and would have cost $50 at local craft store.

Well ladies take care and have a great week.