Saturday, January 19, 2013

Archetype giveaway and finding yourself.....

I was over on "act normal be different" blog and she is having a giveaway in regards to knowing your type of person. She is giving away a Visa gift card with a signed book "Archetype".

I firmly believe in someone knowing your type of personality. There are alot of books, test and surveys to take. You may have even taken one in your church or school. I first took a test and class in my church.

My love for crafts and people has always been in my life. I have a mother and grandmother who loved crafts. So that was in my life for a life time.

I found that my caring ways really came out early in my life but more so in my work life. I have always been in a recptionist position. This gave me talents to come out alot of course. LOL Then I thought why do I want to be labeled as a recptionist all my life? Well God had better plans for that and I have been in this line of work all my life.

My sunny, happy and smiling self comes out all the time.  People do sometimes think I am fake, but really I am like this all the time. No one would know that inside I can scream of self worth. But I do have a very loving husband and my love of God does help me.

You should take this test or any test and find who you are. Remember you are special and if you do not let your talents come out, you will not be able to share those wonderful features to us all.

Crafting Hugs,