Monday, April 25, 2011

My baby birds.

Look how my baby birds are growing. I have a new born and now they have gotten their black feathers. All mom does is fly back and forth. Feeding them like crazy. All 5 are still alive as of today. They look good.

The last picture is mom in the nest.

Don't they look cute. This front one is the most aggrisive. He is always out front. The nest is so small and now with them getting bigger, I do not know how they keep warm at night.
I moved the holder yesterday because they were right in the afternoon sun. When I checked on them they were trying to move away. I felt so sorry for them.

Crafting hugs,

Thrift Store Finds

I have been checking out the local thrift store and found some great finds. My first pictures are from a few weeks ago.

Creative Memories album 1.99
Shelves 1.99 each

Now some more great finds:

Wednesday special all bric brac 50% off
A great wreath 1.99
Blocks .69 each
Toothbrush holder .99 for paint brushes
Candle stick .69
Bag I bought for a friends g-daughter for her AG doll
Beijo pruse 7.99
All before the 50%

Now I went today to see if I could find the other block but I guess that is why they gave it up. So I have to think of a 5 letter wood for my blocks.

What a find.
Nice wreath 1.99
Pink holder which I am going to paint white  1.99
Candlestick-which I will show why I am collecting them for later. .99
Easter eggs for my tree. .69

I am so addicted now. What is even worst. I have family friends who own a thrift shop and I help sort the donations. This is for their ministry for a Children's home in Africa. I have really enjoyed helping out and they get so many items, it just piles up.

Heading there tomorrow. Maybe I will find something I can not live without. I love junk. When I was a kid I would dumpster dive. We always found so many fun things. People must have thought we were rugrats. LOL

Crafting Hugs to all,


Friday, April 22, 2011

Beautiful Camara Strap Giveaway

Head on over to WhipperBerry and see a great giveaway for a beautiful camara strap by
You will love them.

They are so pretty.

Crafting Hugs,


Monday, April 11, 2011

Stamping Weekend

I went at the first of the month to a weekend of stamping and scraping. My old Stampin Up leader has a get together twice a year. One in the fall and one in the spring. Both were different this year, meaning women, which I was lucky to make some new friends and see the old.

So I took three classes which included one making Quilt cards. I did the black one in class and then had some scraps and made up some other ones.

Then we made a great book out of a 12x12 sheet of paper. One of the demo's had to create this for a gathering. It was so fun and took no time to make.

Look was has decided to join our home in my plant??

She and her spouse came around about 3 weeks ago to build this, but then was gone for awhile. I thought maybe she did not want to stay. Then my husband said we had eggs. I believe she is a Caroline Wren. The eggs are red spotted. I cannot wait to see the babies. I go out everyday and see her. She is doing well and not to upset.
It is hard to see her, but she is in there.

Crafting hugs,