Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas House

OK ladies! I know I am a bit off showing some holiday items, but now I can relax and here are some holiday things in my house:

The deer was made by my grandmother.

This is one of my Navitiy Scene's, which is sitting on
a old radio.

The wreath was made by my mother in law and given
to us when we first married. Now over 19 years old.
Holding up pretty well. LOL
I made the star a few years ago. Bought a metal one
at Michael's on clearance.

These are  our presents. We had to put them up on the
table because one of the dogs was mad we had left
for the day. So they ripped open a bag.

Our growing santa collection. Some are on the tree,
but we had gotten the Cloftie ones in Vermont before
we moved from a christmas shop we love.

This guy was made with stamps I got at one of the CHA
conferences. So fun to make.

I made her in Vietnam. This is now over
43 years old. WOW!

My mom paints and our ornament we made as kids
was this glass one. She gave me mine about a few years ago.

Since we always make one for the year. I had found this
idea about 7 years ago. My mom and I made a few & gave
them to friends. Alot of work but you can see it was fun.

This guy my mom made when we were younger and she
have me one to keep.

A old friend made this for me and has been a reminder
of good times-not in touch any more.

When we first got married my husbend started to give
me ornaments. This was a series he gave me. Hallmark

We finelly found something to fit on top of the tree. I just found this
at Cracker Barrell. Is he not great???

Another Navitiy but not my first. She was not
taken out this year. My husbend missed a few boxes.

My grandmother painted this and I have a
few more smaller ones. Finally was
able to get some items but had to be after
she passed.

I hope you enjoyed the ride and had a wonderful Christmas. Take care and keep eating the turkey up.

Keep Crafting & hugs,


  1. Oh wow, your house and decorations are soooo beautiful!!! and I adore those gorgeous boxes you made too--they are precious.

    Wishing you a Happy New Year ahead that is filled with happiness!!!

  2. Hi Stephanie, thanks so much for leaving a comment and for following my blog. I am your newest follower.


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