Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Crafts

Well you bloggers out there in blog land. I finally got my pictures taken of all the fun things I have been making.

I got so involved in making things for a craft show (my first) that I had not taken many pictures.

It was fun but did not sell much. Not many people came. It was held in a coworkers home. This was her second time doing this and she needs to still twik it some.

Here are some items I have made lately:

Here one of my snowman jars. Added a tree and some mica in the glass. He is getting some twiking also. 

Have you seen these on Pinterest?? Well I just had to make these. I did make two and I thought I had the picture but I guess not. A lot of pushing pins in the styrofoam ball. So pretty though. Not so sure about the belt and will be redone. Have other ideas for the belt.

I made the head and then put this one on a reuse sugar bowl.

This was one card I made and then I have in the background a subway plaque I made. I finally got the hang of using Picnik site. Took awhile.

All in all it was a fun craft christmas.


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