Friday, January 20, 2012

My Desk after it all.....

Here we are done with the holidays and my desk is a mess. I looked at it and was-OKAY! this is it and you will be cleaned.

The cleaning began and the organizing again started. I guess my ODD comes into effect or my mother's voice telling me to clean my closet. Now you have to understand I came from a mother who was a clean freak. Drove us kids a mess. Nothing every was clean enough and still is not. She thinks my house is a mess and will not visit. We have two dogs but keep them clean. Oh Well. Her lost.

Here is some pictures and will show you the after math. Looking good...

I guess it is not to bad but that saying to clean my closet. Because you know I was a good kid and the room was clean, but the closet had all the items in it. LOL Hey out of sight.

Happy New Years and Crafty Hugs,

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