Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Thrift Store Finds

Well I headed over this am to the Thrift Store for 50% off. Always a good deal. I found some neat items. Unfortunly, I saw a woment with a awesome lamp. Would have been so neat in my office. It had a pink bowl bottom and then flowers were coming out around the blub socket. It looked as if when lite the flowers would show the thru. Small but  cute.

But look at what I found:

The cat cup is so cute and I cannot wait to put some flowers in it and on a shelf in my office. I will post a picture when done. This cat had the original price of $12.99 and I got it for 75 cents. WOW!!The green jar is going to be filled with white Sea Glass. Very heavy for 99 cents.

I found the blue measureing frame under some other items for 99 cents and the other frame is wood, which is a good size and I am going to paint it. Going to add something inside it. But good price for 75 cents.
Not too much this trip but I sure did like what I found.

Mother's Day cards tomorrow will be posted. It sure did get away from me. I thought I had another week. Boy was I wrong.

Crafting Hugs,


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