Monday, April 25, 2011

Thrift Store Finds

I have been checking out the local thrift store and found some great finds. My first pictures are from a few weeks ago.

Creative Memories album 1.99
Shelves 1.99 each

Now some more great finds:

Wednesday special all bric brac 50% off
A great wreath 1.99
Blocks .69 each
Toothbrush holder .99 for paint brushes
Candle stick .69
Bag I bought for a friends g-daughter for her AG doll
Beijo pruse 7.99
All before the 50%

Now I went today to see if I could find the other block but I guess that is why they gave it up. So I have to think of a 5 letter wood for my blocks.

What a find.
Nice wreath 1.99
Pink holder which I am going to paint white  1.99
Candlestick-which I will show why I am collecting them for later. .99
Easter eggs for my tree. .69

I am so addicted now. What is even worst. I have family friends who own a thrift shop and I help sort the donations. This is for their ministry for a Children's home in Africa. I have really enjoyed helping out and they get so many items, it just piles up.

Heading there tomorrow. Maybe I will find something I can not live without. I love junk. When I was a kid I would dumpster dive. We always found so many fun things. People must have thought we were rugrats. LOL

Crafting Hugs to all,


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  1. I LOVE going to the thrift store! There is nothing that a new coat of paint can't fix! :)


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