Monday, April 11, 2011

Stamping Weekend

I went at the first of the month to a weekend of stamping and scraping. My old Stampin Up leader has a get together twice a year. One in the fall and one in the spring. Both were different this year, meaning women, which I was lucky to make some new friends and see the old.

So I took three classes which included one making Quilt cards. I did the black one in class and then had some scraps and made up some other ones.

Then we made a great book out of a 12x12 sheet of paper. One of the demo's had to create this for a gathering. It was so fun and took no time to make.

Look was has decided to join our home in my plant??

She and her spouse came around about 3 weeks ago to build this, but then was gone for awhile. I thought maybe she did not want to stay. Then my husband said we had eggs. I believe she is a Caroline Wren. The eggs are red spotted. I cannot wait to see the babies. I go out everyday and see her. She is doing well and not to upset.
It is hard to see her, but she is in there.

Crafting hugs,



  1. These quilt cards are beautiful, Stephanie! I love the photos of the bird nest. Wow!

  2. Great quilt card, I like both of them are very cool.


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