Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I tired it and it worked........

I just had to try this and see if it will work. Well I found out that it worked.

I read on Pintrest an idea to get those grimey and cloudy car lights clean. It said to use good old toothpaste. Can you believe that????? Well I went out today and took a before picture and after to prove it myself.

Now they look so much better. She is a 10 year old car and named Yoda for Toyota.



I am not sure way the top is that color. But what a difference. Messy. I used Crest whiting toothpaste I have in the bathroom. Who would figure that out.

I had a guy one night selling a item to clean the lights for $15.00 a can and he tired it on the light but not even close this look.

Happy Crafting,

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