Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mummy Eyes

I finally got my Mummy Eyes made and I so love them. I found these over at Flamingo Toes blog

Do you see my witch candle holder (of course)? Found her at GoodWill. What a deal.

Check her out and make some fun for this year or next year. You not be disappointed.

Go to the Dollar Store and pick up those woffle balls with holes and some white muslin. Print out the eyes and wrap the balls. Then find an area to put your paper eyes inbetween. She put the eyeballs on different but I guess either way-right. They are awesome. Can I say this again...

My DH goes by and says mummy eyes. He loves them. Now I hope the dogs do not decide they need to have some fun. LOL

Crafting Hugs,

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