Thursday, August 25, 2011

Been in unposting world...

Well I started a new job at a old job. They needed some help for a day and a half. So I need money so I thought okay let's do it. But guess what??? Now I have to think. LOL

Have you ever wish you could just work and not think??? They have a new computer system to check patients out and billing-so I am now working it. I hate working but if I want to play the money has to come to mommie.

As you may see from above I work in a doctor's office (Chiropractic) Love the owners/doctor's. Great people!!!!! Great job but wish I did not have to think. My brain went south-oh wait I live in the south so maybe it went overseas!!!!

Well I have money, money. I get to buy things and help again with just little things in the house. My husband is great and he let me stop working so what can I say. But he is the greatest for that, but still a husband. I love you babe!!!!

Now on to I found a giveaway, but I have to say that my blog lookie at is not big. I need to apolize to Life in Motherhood but at least I posted a great giveaway. So head on over TODAY last day.

I need to figure out how you can just put their name and not this long  (what is this above) site address.

So head on over and enjoy.

Crafting hugs,

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