Monday, June 6, 2011

Storm coming on us.....

Unbelievable... We hve gotten a Rain Storm that is on us. It has been awhile since we have seen these kinds of rain and wind. The lightening and thunder are so loud.
The dog is having a bad time of it. He hates the noise. He is in the bathroom which is right by the bed on my side. We were watching TV but that went down. We needed rain but Lord gave it to us. The ponds were getting dry and I think the turtles we a bit unhappy.
We just may be seeing some hurricanes this year. Been awhile for these near us.

Th pictures are outside the balcony at our condo....

This morning it was sunny and so warm. I was going to be by the pool but decided I better do some work in the house. Had some errands to run.

Crafting Hugs,

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